Podcast and podcasting have become one of the most popular methods of distributing content over the Internet.  Millions of podcasts have been produced already catering to different interests and market niche.

Generally, people tend to use podcast and podcasting as their way of self expression.  The podcast network serves as virtual radio stations where ideas, favorite topics, and other interesting things are being discussed.  

Some innovative online entrepreneurs adopted podcasting to earn money from the Internet.  They create useful podcast materials and entice others to subscribe or pay for the material.  The return on investments in podcasting is pretty fast because creating a podcast is cheap.  The materials also have the potential to earn continuously long after the podcasts has been released and after the expenses have been recouped.  It is not surprising that many leading podcasters earn their living through full time podcasting.

A podcast can also be used to enhance the interactivity of a website.  A podcast material can be embedded into a business site which will stream the audio to visitors.  Many Internet marketing professionals are using this method to capture the interest of their target audience and to pitch for the products they sell.  The conversion rates of podcast materials in terms of download versus actual sales are high.  That is why it is increasingly becoming the favorite lead generator of Internet marketers.

The best thing about podcasting is anyone with a basic knowledge of computer and Internet technology can create a podcast.  With proper refinements of podcast and podcasting material containing very useful content, it can surely become a big hit on the Internet.

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