In this modern age of technology, all things are seemingly driven by the use of high technology – shopping, eating, romance, love, companionship, and even marketing.  Online businessmen need to respond to this new form of marketing platform in order to keep abreast with the competitive marketing industry.  

Internet marketers are bound to be challenged perpetually with the rising advancement that is being felt in the whole online community.  The challenge to come up with an equally responsive marketing tool has become more and more difficult for Internet marketers because of the unprecedented success of the online business and the Internet platform in the last few years.  

As part of revolutionizing the marketing technology, the Internet marketers are venturing into using the podcasting technology as a better and effective alternative to promote and advertise a website.  There are so many reasons why Internet marketers are seeing the use of podcasting as an effective marketing tool. Some of the mains reasons are the following:

a.    Podcasting is very cost effective.  The amount of money that is needed to produce a single podcast is barely significant.  This means that you can deliver and produce large amount of podcast at a very low cost.  
b.    Podcasting is low in maintenance.  After having created the podcast, you do not need to allot too much money and time to maintain these files.  A little updating and required modification may be felt but they are manageable even by a beginner.  
c.    Podcasting is easily monitored.  One of the best things about podcasting is that you can track and monitor it instantly.  This way, you can potentially determine whether or not your marketing tool is working at its best or not.  

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