Creating a podcast may appear very challenging to a few people.  Looking at it closely, creating a podcast is one of the simplest and easiest processes to take.  In fact, creating a podcast is deemed as simple as listening to a made podcast.  Below are the usual steps to take when creating a podcast:

a.    Make sure that you have made a decision regarding what sort of music files you are going to podcast on the Internet.  Have these selected audio files properly arranged.  
b.    Make sure that you have your microphone ready.  A good quality microphone is very much suggested.  Have this plugged onto your personal computer.  
c.    Make sure that an audio recorder software is correctly and properly installed on your PC.  If you are using Mac machine, make sure that the installed audio recorder is Mac compatible.  If you are using a personal computer, have a Windows based audio recorder installed on your PC.  
d.    Make an audio recorded file either using a recorded music or your own recorded voice or your own recorded songs.  Have this audio recorded files saved on your computer.  
e.    And when you are done recording, you can evaluate the results and when necessary, perform some editing or modifications.  After having this done, you can then finally upload this into any of the podcasting websites available on the Internet.   
When choosing the podcast site where you can upload your podcast, make sure that you check on the page ranking of that site because the higher the ranking, the better for the uploaded podcast. A higher ranking site means a higher chance of getting more listeners to your podcast.

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