Podcasting has been used for entertainment, for spreading the word of God, for seminars and for delivering news. Why shouldn’t it be a medium for delivering the lessons that are delivered inside the classroom?

First of all, podcasting education should not be a substitute to attendance. It is only used to complement the lectures done inside the classroom.  Students should still go to class to participate in class discussions. After all, how will the student be able to ask his questions if he is not present? Teachers should make attendance mandatory and to even encourage attendance further, teachers should make it a habit of giving pop quizzes.

Podcasting would be a great help for students who want to review the lessons and for those who want to review their notes. Having podcasts would also encourage students to study since they would be doing it as a part of using their constant companion, their iPods and MP3 players. In a way, podcasting will help make studying a part of their listening habits rather than being a chore that most students want to escape.

For the part of the teachers, podcasting education is offered so as to teach them how to create podcasts for their students. They will be taught how to choose the right equipment and software for podcasting. They will also be taught how to record, edit and publish their podcast. Podcasting education would also teach them how they can share the podcasts to their students. All in all, teachers will be taught the effective way of engaging their students to take part in class and do well in it as well.

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