Podcasting provides individuals the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas through audios or videos.  You can actually create a show of your own and let people see your face and hear your voice through podcasting.  

For starters in podcasting, you would only need basic podcasting equipment such as microphone, computer and a podcast software.  But to those who are into serious podcasting, tools that provide good quality sound are very important to attract more listeners.

Following are list of podcasting equipments necessary to achieve good quality sound:

1. Microphone – It is the most important device in podcasting. There are two types of microphones used in podcasting: condenser microphones and dynamic microphones.  The condenser microphone uses a capacitor to capture sound.  The capacitor plate moves in response to sound waves.   You will need to use battery or other source of power to make a condenser microphone work.   The dynamic microphone uses electromagnetic effects.  The sound quality that a dynamic microphone produces is of inferior quality.  It comes in miniature or convenient size and is cheaper than the condenser microphone.
2. Preamp – It is a device used to connect a microphone or musical instrument like electric guitar into the computer.
3. Digital recorder (or computer) – It is where podcasting takes place.  Other than the use of computer, it would be handy to have a digital recorder to bring with you as you do interviews.
4. Headphones – This is a device used to monitor the incoming sound while doing the recording.  The headphones also allow you to listen to changes while in the editing process.

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