Many people are going into podcasting nowadays. While some of them already know what they are doing, many are starting from scratch. They know what podcasts are but they know very little about creating podcasts.

Fortunately, there are quite many resources in the market now. Many of these resources can be found in the internet. Many comprehensive materials are also sold both in the Internet and in stores. If one wants to learn podcasting, he can easily buy books, DVDs and audio guides.

Podcasting for Dummies, for instance, is one of the most comprehensive books on the topic. And yet it explains the things one has to learn in the simplest way possible. More than the content, what really sells the book is the manner in which topics are presented.

Novice podcasters and wannabes appreciate it because they can understand it quite easily. They learn how to create and publish their podcasts using tools which they already own. They are provided tips on how to choose the topics to build their podcasts on and they are also taught how to make good outlines and scripts for their podcasts.

Among other things, new podcasters are taught how to transform their computers into desktop podcasting studios. They learn which equipment is best for their needs. They will learn which microphone and headset to get. They also learn about editing software and which one is suited for them. For the recording proper, podcasters also learn how to record an interview session when the interviewee is not in the same room.

Since marketing is vital in the success of the podcast, podcasters are taught how to promote their podcasts too. In order to earn well, they are also taught how to get advertisements, sponsors and subscribers.

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