Podcasting is like broadcasting over radio. Only this time, one is publishing audio files over the Internet through an RSS feed. The files in podcasts can also be downloaded so one can load it into his portable player and replay it over and over whenever he wants to.

One other thing about podcasting is that almost anyone can do it. There are many resources for podcasting so anyone can learn how to do it. Even one with minimal budget can avail of the free reading materials and software in the internet. There are also affordable resources available in the market.

For people who want to just express their thoughts or share their wisdom or opinion, podcasting can easily learned and done. People who want to earn through podcasting have more motivation to learn this craft. For equipment needs, a podcasting kit can be bought and one is set to start creating podcasts.

A podcasting kit would basically contain a microphone with its stand or with its own microphone clip. It would also include a studio mixer and a microphone preamplifier. RCA cables and headphones are also supplied in the podcasting kit. Of course, the software, drivers and installers needed for making the podcast are in the kit. So basically, all equipment one would need to begin creating his first podcast will be provided by the podcast kit. 

Purchasing a podcasting kit would be more convenient for a new podcaster. Since everything is supplied, he would not have to purchase everything individually. He will also surely have everything he will need. If one wants to start making podcasts right away all he has to do buy podcast kit and start recording.

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