The podcasting news about the Media Research conducted by Edison revealed the facts about podcast consumers this year. This study is said to contain a lot of valuable information that supports the significance of subscribable media, presenting it as an effective new line of trade.  

The podcasting news essentially revealed the key findings of Edison Media Research. According to his study, podcasting continuous to develop rapidly; audio podcast listeners increased from 13 to 18 percent and consumption of video podcast increased from 11 to 15 percent. This also reveals that podcasts facilitate more media consumption. The number of people who are consuming podcasts are found out to spend around 90 minutes longer each week listening to online audio as well.

The study also reveals that the Podcast consumers are ideal advertising demo. It was found out that most of Podcast consumers have college degree and make almost $75,000. These consumers are also regular online shoppers and are Internet social. In fact, 25 percent of them are identified to own MySpace pages and spend more time on the Internet as compared to non listeners.

Essentially, Edison study suggests the following for podcasters:
•    Podcasting is a valid option method to target ideal consumers who are not easy to reach using traditional advertising.
•    Podcasters should consider contexts and lifestyles for their audiences.
•    Podcasters should take more classes for broadcast media and enhance staging, production, and produce the so-called “real theater of the mind.” This is to ensure the quality of the production and to make it easy to understand more importantly.

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