Some podcasting research point to the growing popularity of this new media and also asserts that it is fast become an alternative to blogging.  And based on some studies, podcasting has been credited as one of the major channel for content distribution on the Internet.

Evidences of these observations can be noticed on the number of podcasters that are actively using this new media for their own content distribution purposes.  Even popular TV anchors of giant media networks are now podcasting their regular shows.  This means that there is a ready audience for podcasting.

Experts disagree however if podcasting could replace the popularity of blogging as the primary form of distributing content.  However, all media experts agree that podcasting will stay longer and will become a normal feature of modern Internet technology.  

Podcasting provides much convenience for listeners as the media allows time shifting broadcasts.  Time shifting simply means that media audiences have the option of listening to a broadcast according to their schedules.  This is radically different to traditional radio broadcasts where programs are scheduled on a fixed time basis.  Radio audiences therefore don’t have the luxury of listening to their favorite programs whenever they want.  

According to research, the time shifting broadcasting method of podcasting makes it a very powerful and extremely useful media.  Podcasting has the capability to change the attitude of the public especially in their listening behavior.  

Researchers however also disagree if podcasting can make money for producers.  Some assert that this new medium really has the potential for monetization while others are saying that it will be maintained only as another social media for content distribution.

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