On every classroom, where the teacher asks for items that are developments on technology, the students would always give out items that have helped them or the people around them into doing things as easy as possible. Of course, the sole intention of technology is to help out and make things easier for men, and when the time comes it become, not just the alternative, but also the mainstream way of doing things.

From this output, the Internet is one of these, while it was envisioned as a communicating tool, it soon became one of the mainstream items that replaced the old communicating tools.

One output of Internet use is podcasting, which is just a mere audio recording about all the things that make a sound, either speeches, songs, or even sounds, and what makes it different from tape recordings is its Internet use. Of course, podcasts can be shared easier to other than tape recordings, and this makes it far more superior than it.

With podcasting, people can now listen to songs or speeches on their own available time, whenever and wherever they want to, and they could easily put the downloaded audio recordings on their computers or ipods. This is the ultimate selling point of podcasting, and it is convenient on the highest scale, which something is sought for by the people with the means getting it, and in most cases, these are the people with tons of work to finish so the convenience is appreciated.

To wit, there’s really no reason why podcasting can’t be considered as the end-result of using technology to make things easier.

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