Podcasting is the newest medium to deliver information today. The term podcast is used as a new name for both audio and video file. But something is newer today about podcasting because this time this is also used in education.  In fact, there is now the so-called “podcasting the classroom.” Since podcasting is becoming more and more popular, it is now given a place in the classroom—making it as a new tool for education. According to podcast news, podcasting is really hard to ignore this time.

In essence, many are certainly aware what pedagogy means; the science or art of teaching and learning. However, maybe only few are aware what the term podagogy denotes. For some, this term may still sounds new. This actually has a relation to podcasting the classroom. Since it is possible now to educate a person through the use of podcasting and iPods it is just apt to use podagogy to pertain to the teaching and learning via podcasting and iPod. Educators have discovered podcasting as a new technology to use in a classroom, which eventually created a change in the mode of instruction as well.

According to some educators, publishing their podcast as well as adding feeds to directories like iTunes amazingly becomes a good motivation for the students.  Additionally, using this is not taxing because it can be initiated without spending a single penny; meaning, no investment is needed. It is also not essential to become tech savvy just to become a podcast creator. Although inevitably, there are some complicated set-ups really; but all of these are manageable as long as the necessary tools are around such as phone.

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