Positive Things that you may get from being a MCDST to MCITP

Microsoft Company has revolutionized its approached and processes in all of its certification procedures particularly in their Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification examinations. 

As part of the revolutionary change, Microsoft is introducing innovatively created and drafted structure of how certifications are being done.  This move of Microsoft is to align its mission on how it can better mirror job-related skills and the technology. 

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification examination is one of the pivotal certifications that Microsoft has.  Being it as premier, it has successfully highlighted and validated the sets of skills and knowledge that the industry needs.  Because of this, the certification procedures is in itself a good battery test to determine who among the examinees are prepared to become part of the competitive industry. 

On the other hand, the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician level requires that the examinee has the sufficient knowledge in three major cores:  the application software for desktops, the network configuration skills, and the use of the Operating Systems for desktop.  Microsoft Company has perfectly drafted all the types of learning that an examinee may need to be able to prepare him or her for the actual certification examination.

Getting an expertise from MCDST to MCITP is not a difficult transition to have.  For one, both the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and the Microsoft Certified IT Professional are seated on a common environment – Microsoft.  All areas that are covered on each certification are essentially discussed and encompassed on both disciplines. 

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