Right now, people just need to have a mobile phone and they can already have access to almost anything. They could even post on their WordPress blog from these mobile phones. But then, of course, they would still need to configure and download a plugin so that they would be able to do this from their mobile. Here are some steps that you can perform so that you can blog straight from your phone.

First, download the Life Blog file that would have the atomdata.txt and lifeblog.php files. Then upload these files to your installation of WordPress. When you have already uploaded the files, grant them the 777 permissions. Then, open the file, lifeblog.php. Check for the code, $passwordlist[‘Username’] = ‘password‘ and replace the fields username with  your username for WordPress and the password with your password for WordPress. In this way, only this user would have the have the capability to post to WordPress from your phone. If you want to add another poster on your blog then just add the username and password of that WordPress user.

One thing that you need to check also is if the directory wp-content/uploads has 777 permissions. This should allow the directory to be writable since this would help in uploading videos or pictures on your blog. And lastly, set your Life Blog with your server address.

Just make sure to follow these simple steps and you are on your way to blogging with your WordPress from your phone. This is a lot of fun since wherever you are, you can always have access to your site.

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