To some potential IT professionals, passing the Microsoft Certified IT Professional or MCITP is an honor. But for some, it is a great and effective way on how they can prove their worth in the field of IT. And so, many professionals are looking forward for the MCITP examination where they can surely prove their IT skills. However, before that big event, potential professionals should first review to ensure a passing remark. A potential IT professional downloads MCITP reviewer for this purpose.

Downloadable MCITP reviewers are available from many websites. There are shared files for download while there are for-paid reviewers for download. However, there are many varieties of these downloadable reviewers. For certain, the potential professional will download the set of exams for the specific MCITP certification. The exam depends on the MCITP certification the professional want to pass.

There are actually many types of MCITP examinations for different professionals. Some of these are the business intelligence developer, consumer support technician, database developer, database administrator, enterprise messaging administrator, and enterprise support technician. There are still some MCITP examinations on the list but all of these require a certain set of exams. For example, the MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer requires passing of the Exam 70-466 and passing in the MCTS: SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence. Meanwhile, the MCITP: Database Administrator requires a different set of exam, which are the Exam 70-443 and Exam 70-444. It also has a prerequisite to pass the MCTS: SQL Server 2005.

Due to this, the potential IT professionals who want to take any MCITP exam cannot download similar reviewers. They should download that type of MCITP reviewer that will help them pass a particular exam.

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