Work with the analytics team to identify, develop and implement data rich Powerbi dashboards and KPIs designed to optimally run and drive the Supply Chain and Quality teams internationally.

More Uses of the Powerbi Toolkit:

  • Initiate: work closely with the data analytics team to build and promote data sets utilized by Powerbi dashboards.
  • Forecast KPI performance with determined growth rates for all markets, evaluate with key stakeholders, and load new KPIs into Powerbi dashboard.
  • Be accountable for developing analytics solutions and visualization solutions with technologies Powerbi, SnowFlake, and Azure Services.
  • Be accountable for reporting of key data through Powerbi Dashboards.
  • Collect, manipulate, analyze, evaluate, and display data using Powerbi Dashboards, Reports or other data delivery solutions to business stakeholders.
  • Be accountable for tracking SLA metrics using Powerbi for data visualization.
  • Manage: Powerbi gateway management.
  • Control: further development of Powerbi reporting for.
  • Use Powerbi to design new dashboards or update existing dashboards with new data.
  • Ensure you devise; lead business intelligence and reporting platforms as Powerbi or SAP lead business Objects.
  • Guide: Powerbi data integration development.
  • Establish that your operation creates and maintains Powerbi dashboards.
  • Standardize: work closely with the business analytics team to implement, deploy, and maintain Powerbi datasets, reports, and dashboards.
  • Provide results either as one time reports, or reusable analytics systems (usually in Powerbi).
  • Develop: design and build reports in Powerbi for other departments.
  • Methodize: Powerbi report development.
  • Develop data analytics, reports, and dashboards using Powerbi and other business intelligence tools.
  • Ensure you present; prepared data to be readily available for Powerbi Dashboards/reports.
  • Steer: ETL tools informatica, MuleSoft, Powerbi.


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