Powerpoint Presentations for Security Controls in Risk Management Training

Risk management has always been one of the primary concerns of most companies. Development of effective security controls to manage risks takes part on the risk management plan that covers everything that envelops company grounds. Such security controls are countermeasures used to minimize, if not totally prevent the occurrence of risks.

Because of this, risk management trainings are being conducted to employees to make them aware of company security controls. In the web, there are a lot of sites that provide sample Powerpoint slides and presentations to discuss in detail the various factors that leads to threats and how to cope up when such risks occur.  These presentations are also used in trainings to make emphasis on company security as vital confidential information can be stolen from outside factors anytime.

As part of the risk management training, four security controls will be introduced to paticipants. The way these controls are classified depends on their nature. These are physical controls, procedural controls, technical controls and legal and regulatory or compliance controls. Physical controls include doors, locks, walls, fences and fire extinguishers. Procedural controls, on the other hand, include security awareness and training and management oversight. Technical controls can be antivirus software, anti-spyware software, firewalls or access controls. Lastly, legal and regulatory or compliance controls include company policies, business standards, and privacy laws.

Company security should be the number one priority of companies. It is because at a single glance, everything can be gone in an instant. One wrong move will also mean loss of money to the company. Therefore, conducting risk management trainings is a must. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

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