Your place and ability to operate in your value chain is influenced by the revolution and thus your business model is challenged, these tools allow you to deploy a new service, do wide-scale configuration changes, recover a failed device, audit configuration files for different compliance standards, upgrade a device and so much more. Equally important, however the lack of graphic on premise management tools was a huge challenge for a lot of organizations.

There is some work involved, because you need to export the management pack, modify each rule and import the management pack, ansible is an effective and most popular open-source automation and configuration management tool, additionally.

Various Integration

Integration management is a collection of processes required to ensure that the various elements of the projects are properly coordinated, furthermore, software configuration management is a method of bringing control to the software development and software management process.

Obvious Network

Is extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error-prone, thus, having a configuration management tool is the way to go to improve efficiency, remove repetitiveness and reduce human errors, furthermore, managing configuration changes on hundreds of switches, routers, firewalls, controllers, and other network devices, at many locations across your network, is an obvious challenge.

Operational Cloud

Cloud to base deployment of your settings, configuration settings and your management of devices. Along with, configuration management becomes more challenging when your organization needs to step outside the default benchmarks and checks due to operational requirements.

Long Server

Just like any other software out there, finding the right ITSM software that fits into your service management processes can be a challenge, keeping your devices healthful is an important task to enhance your application deployment percentage and have the most up to date hardware inventory. Coupled with, in theory, once a server has been created, configuration synchronization will keep it up to date, applying upgrades and patches and preventing configuration drift for a potentially long lifetime .

Responsible Systems

Along with some suggestions to improve the compliance and stream line the patching process, to make sure data integrity is preserved, all changes to configuration items should be frozen when data is being populated into the configuration management database, for example, for it teams responsible for servers, the challenge is to balance keeping all systems up-to-date with the risk of breaking key services in the process as well as developing a process to iterate baseline configurations or based on patching requirements.

Alerting Eye

Third is to protect your net-work configurations through policy-driven configuration management, it provides full transparency and reporting of the entire transaction within a single configuration management database (CMDB), including the vital automatic updating of the licensing inventory. Besides this, keep a close eye on your DevOps projects, products, and applications with akin DevOps monitoring tools for configuration management, alerting, and more.

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