By nature, knowledge management is never an easy discipline to comprehend and understand with full satisfaction. In fact, no expert in project management has once ever claimed that it was an easy concept to understand. However, there are several approaches that one can use to make knowledge management a not so heavy concept to understand. These approaches are anchored from the simple thoughts and concepts of great minds in the field of project management discipline.

So, what does really work and does not work in knowledge management? Are there really certain amount of technology and insights that need to be captured to ensure success? Are we directed towards what is essentially functional? These and all are the initial questions that we may need to ponder first before engaging in a more complex question.

One of the classic approaches in Knowledge Management is the transition from manual to an automated or computer-based mechanism. With the advent of information technology these days which has expanded in almost around the globe plus the unquestioned positive and wide acceptance of people about it, computerizing the knowledge management is not an option anymore; it is the best and the only option there is.

The application of computers and software in this discipline shall result into a more productive, less erratic, more precise, and real-time output. In addition to all these, the employment of these machines can potentially provide a more secure transmission of data between two points. Logically, these are basic requirements of any organization in terms of information processing.

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