Confirm your organization identifies emerging methods and technologies related to data analysis as augmented intelligence, machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling.

More Uses of the Predictive Profiling Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization evaluates effectiveness of clinical programs and care management activities.
  • Oversee: monitor study implementation and data collection.
  • Oversee the deployment of data to the data warehouse.
  • Secure that your operation identifies and communicates healthcare cost trends, issues, and cost drivers to management.
  • Ensure your project complies; directs the development and implementation of provider profiling, predictive modeling, and risk adjustment methodologies.
  • Lead: actively lead client calls to build effective relationships.
  • Lead: monitor analytics and metrics results utilizing dashboards.
  • Create new data collection models to better collect information.
  • Methodize: data analytics (regression modeling, statistics).
  • Formulate: design internal testing environments to proactively reduce client errors.
  • Establish: client success ensuring clients achieve goals utilizing your products and services to drive client retention and organizational growth.
  • Identify: people capability maturity model.
  • Analyze data of competitors and industry trends to gain market share.
  • Perform data profiling to identify anomalies.
  • Analyze complex data using BI tools and resources.
  • Supervise: profit based incentive plan.
  • Identify: client dashboard development.
  • Coordinate: people capability maturity mode.
  • Identify: work cooperatively with internal and external IT personnel to deploy software and hardware upgrades.
  • Ensure you execute; lead with expertise in descriptive and predictive analysis methods.
  • Evaluate client files to ensure the integrity of data collection and utilization.
  • Organize: proactively plan, track, and prioritize tasks to meet or exceed client timelines.


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