Things learned from reading and experiences gained in java programming are essentials when one wants  to become a Sun System Certified Java Programmer.  But one should also realize that it takes practice in doing things.. And it is in taking a mock exam that one should be able to gauge on how far his or her knowledge are in the field of java programming.  It is the gauge to know if you are indeed ready to take the SCJP exam.

In the SCJP Mock exam, individuals are given the opportunity of having hands on or idea of the type of questions to be used in the examination.  It seeks to give individuals an idea or a reflection of the actual exam.  There questions in the exam that can be confusing or catchy as there are a mixture of style questions.  The SCJP mock exams orient individuals to the type of questions that require a single answer and those that require 1 or more answers.  Some questions may require only one option and it is for the examinee to decide.  If examinee
 fails to identify all the options for the question, the result to could yield a zero score for that particular question.  The mock exams provide a sample format question to guide individuals and answers are given at the end of exam. 

Actual examination passing mark is 70%.  In the mock exam one should aim to obtain at least 46 correct answers.  Measure your knowledge in Java, take the SCJP mock exam.

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