Preparing for future career challenges with an ITIL foundation program

Arguably, one of the most difficult aspects of an IT –oriented career is the fact that its knowledge (and technology) base is prone to suddenly expand without warning; leaving IT personnel clamoring to study and/or achieve their additional certification(s).  This isn’t to say that change in this respect is a bad thing; on the contrary, it could be argued that one of the only things keeping IT relevant is organizational guides like ITIL.

In case you aren’t familiar with ITIL, here’s a little primer:  ITIL is essentially a compendium of the best methods / practices that have been gathered by professionals in theory, and tested in the field.  For IT workers, ITIL is the best source of information available for helping them to establish a better infrastructure for meeting business purposes and objectives/goals.  In fact, this is mainly how ITIL is being used by today’s businesses.  For many of today’s leading organizations IT isn’t simply a maintenance department; they are beginning to utilize IT in wholly new ways.  For instance, through the application of ITL practices a business can not only figure out new ways to reach and deliver services/products to customers, they can also trim costs and increase productivity through the application of these (ITIL-infused) methods as well.

All the various concepts associated with service management (internal and external) are covered in ITIL as well.  However, the truly great thing about it (ITIL) is the fact that it is a continuous system for integrating new ideas and concepts as they emerge (and are proven to be beneficial in some regard).  This of course is nothing new; there are plenty of other certification and standards programs out there in other fields which seek to perform nearly the same role(s) as that of ITIL.  The difference however is that ITIL is the most comprehensive, detailed and relevant set of materials available for IT personnel in existence.

ITIL and Cloud Computing

The reality is that IT departments across the globe are taking on newer and increasingly difficult challenges, many of which are occurring because of a massive public shift toward certain technologies.  Among these technologies is cloud computing; which has gained favor with a great number of individuals, governments and businesses.  ITIL has yet to fully address the many inherent issues and processes related to cloud computing, but it is poised to do just that.  In fact, as more and more people continue to integrate cloud-based services and technologies it becomes glaringly apparent that ITIL is (arguably) the only IT-related institution that’s capable of fulfilling the role of establishing a compendium of proven processes for it.  It could even be argued that organizations that are already in compliance with ITIL guidelines are among the best suited for instituting cloud technologies and/or policies.  This of course is but one example of how ITIL training can benefit the workforce even as everything in and around it continues to change, expand, and grow.
Cloud Computing Foundation
Additionally, the actual role of IT within businesses is changing.  This is largely because web services have become more important to consumers.  Through ITIL it is possible to establish a better line of communication between IT personnel and those involved in critical business processes/decision making.  As is often the case, business-oriented individuals usually have no understanding of what IT does, or is even capable of (not to mention even more technical matters and concerns).  ITIL is able to place IT divisions on a near equal footing with controlling business interests in this regard.  For example, if it is discovered that a large portion of a company’s annual profit margin could be directly attributed to the actions of IT, then it only makes sense that they should share in a larger portion of the responsibilities and of course, credit.

An ITIL foundation program is an excellent way to familiarize one’s self with its processes, as well as to prepare for the eventual certification examination. Luckily, there some really great ITIL foundation programs available that incorporate online / interactive methods.  In fact, the great foundation programs actually feature course materials that are viewable on any number of devices; like PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, and smartphones.  So, not only can you study at your leisure, but also in any place or at any time.   This is especially useful for IT persons that are already deeply-rooted in their careers.    If you’re looking to expand your career options or simply prepare for the future, have a look at the many find ITIL foundation training and course materials available here.

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