Manage planning and execution to improve internal processes and daily working practices between key executives, sales, Presales, support, product, legal and finance to drive greater business agility.

More Uses of the Presales Toolkit:

  • Identify critical customer needs through consultative customer engagement to generate sales opportunities.
  • Communicate business requirements and context to the offshore delivery team after closing a deal to ensure a smooth transition from Presales to implementation.
  • Ensure you keep on top of new developments in enablement tools and AI based content management systems, like serving up content proactively in the context of a deal and auto tagging.
  • Reduce content overload by taking the best of all existing content and consolidating it into a set of Golden content assets.
  • Adapt the conversational strategy to current results and clients expectations, staying agile and proactive to always be seen a source of solutions by the client.
  • Collaborate with the Implementation team to facilitate the technical evaluation and system design and ensure requirements are communicated as part of the hand off from Sales to Implementation.
  • Manage: if you want to be a part of your growing organization that is driven by innovation and is focused on building a future together with your employees, consider applying.
  • Be accountable for developing and managing references through high quality technical, professional client relationships.
  • Be accountable for leading engagements that blend technical integrations with process and policy sized to fit a diverse client base.
  • Guide: partner with internal teams (product, implementations, and engineering) to share learnings from prospects and client.
  • Demonstrate, present and effectively articulate Fluent Commerce solutions to clients and partners remotely and on site.
  • Be certain that your organization interacts directly with internal sales account managers, customer operations team, technical and product support.
  • Lead the quality and the value of the delivery in Business review (monthly, quarterly), in collaboration with the Client Sales who owns the upsell.
  • Evaluate business and technical client requirements into working solutions using Fluent Commerce technology.
  • Make sure that your organization develops solutions and participates in Presales and change order negotiations representing and approving delivery capability and cost solution.
  • Oversee: implement extensive strategic thinking, planning and execution to improve internal processes and working practices between sales, Presales, services, product, legal and finance and drive greater business agility.
  • Participate with the leadership team in developing target solution areas, business plans and new sales initiatives.
  • Drive: leverage internal stakeholders from Presales, legal, demand generation and business development to drive leads, marketing activities and close deals.
  • Be accountable for ensuring any sensitive content is secure and has appropriate confidentiality and copyright protections.
  • Develop and manage reference sites through high quality technical, professional client relationships.
  • Ensure you good system analytical skills to help transform user requirements into system and component level functional requirements.
  • Identify content gaps and content that needs updating, prioritize it, and create a plan to address it.
  • Guide: input to and take charge of costing for services in Presales, approve the cost models for daas/managed services deals.
  • Establish: work closely with the sales and account team to develop long term strategic plans for your key accounts.
  • Coordinate and lead the sales, Presales, engineering and support efforts for the account to achieve business goals.


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