Prince2 has become the standard method of numerous companies in project implementation and management.  This innovative methodology is a flexible approach in initiating a project because managers and project directors can customize and scale it to accommodate any type of projects.  Applicability of the system to different project environments has been proven to work.  Projects that are keyed on overhauling the whole business process operations of a company can be undertaken using Prince2 methodologies.  Not only that, even smaller scale projects such as IT services deliveries can be implemented using Prince2 methods. Needless to say, Prince2 can be used on a variety of projects, whether enterprise-wide or just small changes in its sub-departments.

The key element that unifies Prince2 to applicability concerns is its focus on the process itself.  Prince2, being a process-based system could ensure that different stages of any project will not be neglected.  Prince2 methods can be used right from the inception of a project until its completion.  Mechanisms will be in place from the drawing room, where conceptualization and planning takes place, to project deactivation, evaluation, and assessment.

The systematic process that will be implemented using Prince2 methodologies can minimize risk and project slippage.  It is the task now of project managers to ensure that communication and interconnection between processes are strictly being applied.  In so doing, project management can be made easier and output can be delivered within reasonable time.


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