The introduction of Prince2 method elevated the quality of project management practices not just in UK, where the program originated, but also in other parts of the world.  As a standard set of processes that covers every important aspect of project management tasks, Prince2 methodologies have become valuable tools in the delivery of quality projects.  Private corporations and large organizations have benefited from the systematic approaches of Prince2 method to project management.

The Prince2 methodology traces its history from the efforts of United Kingdom government to standardize its project management systems in order to improve delivery of government services.  The Office of Government Commerce of UK developed the Prince methodology which was subsequently updated to Prince2.  The new version is an improved package which was derived from previous best practices of numerous practitioners.  It is the consolidation of initial successful efforts of project management and was upgraded to suit the changing needs of current business and organizational realities.

The refresh was a success because Prince2 has become the standard project management methodology not only in UK but in other countries as well.  The method also introduced innovative approaches to handle several project management processes.  Today, Prince2 methods have been used not just for large scale government projects but also for private and commercial projects.  The system has become equated with good project management practice.  This is evidenced by the growing demand for certified Prince2 managers.  Some major companies now are requiring their project managers to have the skills and ability consonant to Prince2 practices. 

Some of the most reliable publications about Prince2 have been authored by The Stationary Office or TSO.  Documents, manuals, books, official guidance, and software concerning Prince2 methods were published under the TSO trademark.  This publishing house has produced titles exclusively for Prince2 practitioners and students.  The rich resources helped in popularizing the use of Prince2 framework for every type of project management solutions.

Prince2 documents and official manuals are generally circulated by the Office of Government Commerce as additional services for Prince2 practitioners.  These are technical books which tackle the how-to of Prince2 methodologies.  Publications of the OGC can greatly help technicians and project managers in understanding the basic operations and processes of Prince2.  These guidebooks can also help new and aspiring project managers who will take Prince2 certification exams.

On the other hand, comparative studies, best practices, and analysis of different Prince2 applications can be studied through books and publications which are generally available online.  The TSO publishing house has been the leading producer of these resources which could guide the practice of Prince2 methods.  The reading materials published by TSO can be accessed as electronic publications.  Other titles are available to the public as paperback editions and can be acquired through online bookshops.

Prince2 methodologies are useful tools to make project management easier.  It can also impact on the quality of any project by organizing the process of implementation at different stages.  Project managers can effectively implement Prince2 methods with the help of books and other publications.  These are valuable references necessary for grasping the principles and practical applications of the Prince2 framework. 

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