Prince2 ATO or authorized training organizations are online centers that provide courses and certification exams for anyone aspiring to become Prince2 practitioners.  Actual training and examinations are conducted in the respective ATO centers which could be found in major cities around the world. 

Authorized training organizations provide comprehensive courses on Prince2 project management methodologies and techniques.  There are two types of trainings being offered by authorized training organizations.  The first is called Foundation Level which is usually a three day training course for beginners and students of project management.  The more comprehensive course is the Practitioner Level training which usually last for five days.  It tackles advance studies of Prince2 methodologies and normally covers practical applications of the framework.

Training organizations should be accredited by the APM group.  This is the central body that gives authority to these centers to train professionals.  The APM Group is also responsible in giving Prince2 certification exams.  Successful examinees will be accredited by the Group as a Certified Prince2 practitioner.  Unsuccessful examinees have to take a refresher course especially in the Practitioner Level studies.  Examinations are scheduled regularly which allow flexibility for working professionals.  Certification examinations are very competitive although the format of exam has been changed from essay type to multi-choice test.

Some companies are requiring their project managers to undergo Prince2 training and certification.  A certification from APMG usually means upward career movement for some project managers.  That is why authorized training organizations are in demand right now and their trainees continue to increase.

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