Prince2 course materials are important sources of information for anyone who is preparing for Prince2 certification exams.  Course materials for Prince2 trainings include manuals, study guides, workbooks, spreadsheets, graphs, and interactive media.  There are numerous study and training materials to choose from and some of it will really come in handy when examination time comes.

Prince2 course materials are organized according to the level of training of students.  Those taking the Foundation level trainings can avail of course materials that tackle the basics of Prince2.  It includes standard manuals, guidebooks, study tips and tricks, and spreadsheets that introduce different forms and tools in applying the Prince2 method.  Some training centers or organizations even give their students complimentary DVDs that show the step by step process of project management using the Prince2 method. 

For advanced project management courses, managers should take the Practitioner level training.  This level of study requires a totally different set of course materials in order to build the capacity of trainees in understanding more complicated concepts, processes, and applications.  Aside from the basic study materials required for Foundation training, Practitioner level course materials include whole set of recognized books and manuals which discuss the intricacies and practical application of Prince2.  There are problem solving references where actual and real life Prince2 practice is presented to the trainees.  Cases must be solved by the trainees and corrective actions should be recommended.  These course materials will really hone the skills of trainees in the practice of Prince2 methodology.  It will also prepare the trainees for the rigorous Prince2 certification exams.

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