Project managers can improve their skills and gain new insights in applying the Prince2 methodology by taking accredited project management courses.  Prince2 courses are designed to train professionals in handling real life project management tasks.  The courses also prepare trainees for the Prince2 certification exams. 

Basically, there are two major training courses that project managers should take to master the application of Prince2 to their projects.  The first one is the Prince2 Foundation training course which helps the trainee in understanding the concepts and processes of Prince2 method.  This is a three-day training course that includes introduction of Prince2 application, familiarization and better grasp of Prince2 tools and methods, and study of best practices.  The course will give project managers the complete picture of Prince2 methods.  This could help them gain confidence in handling complicated project management tasks. 

Another important course for project managers is the five-day Prince2 Practitioner training.  This is a more advanced course offering which deals with the application of theory to real scenarios.  The course is a combination of Foundation and Practitioner trainings and comprehensively explores the inner working of Prince2 framework.  This course will greatly improve the mastery of project managers in applying Prince2 to their own projects.

Prince2 courses can enhance the qualifications of project managers as Prince2 practitioners.  It will definitely help in facing the challenges of project management in their own respective industries.  The courses can also serve as preparation for the competitive Prince2 accreditation exams.  These trainings are good investments.  Every project managers should take advantage of it to improve their skills and learn the art of Prince2 methods.

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