Taking on an exam is one of the things that make people nervous, especially when you are not that confident on your answers. To avoid this from happening, you have to take into consideration a much needed preparation to ensure your way in passing the exam. There are a lot of reference materials that you can choose from. You can either read books or browse web sites to get the information that you need. Just like when taking on certification programs such as the Prince2 Foundation exam, you will definitely need every help that you can get.

The Prince2 Foundation exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of the Prince2 methods. The candidate should have an understanding of the terminologies and principles behind Prince2 that he or she can apply as a future member of a project management team that supports Prince2. This may come as a challenge as 75 mind-boggling questions await those who will be taking the exam on a multiple choice format. The exam should be completed within an hour wherein candidates should have answered 38 questions correctly for them to pass. Unlike the Prince2 Practitioner exam, you are not allowed to bring your manuals with you to search on possible answers during the Prince2 Foundation exam.

Therefore, attending comprehensive training courses is a must. You can also take sample Prince2 quizzes to assess how prepared and confident you are before the actual exam date. To avoid cramming, you may also form your own strategy in answering exam questions so that you will be assured to have it done within the required parameters. Indeed, your Prince2 training will be your sole line of defense against failing the exam. 

One of two PRojects IN Controlled Environments (Prince2) certification programs that you may want to get into is Prince2 Foundation. This is one step closer to becoming a bonafide Prince2 Practitioner. Obtaining a Prince2 Foundation certification will not only develop your skills and acquire more knowledge of the different processes behind Prince2, but this will also boost your professional career prospects as this can be one of the aces in your resume. If you would like to work as a support to a big project, then Prince2 Foundation is just right for you. You may end up doing administrative, technical or marketing functions, which will definitely enhance your project management skills.

Now who would be the best candidates to take up a Prince2 Foundation exam? The Prince2 Foundation exam is open to all interested applicants who would like to hasten their skills as far as Prince2 is concerned. If you are just new or even an experienced member of the project delivery team and would like to take on bigger roles as a support staff, then you may want to consider taking up the Prince2 Foundation exam. This exam also fits those who would like to become Prince2 Practitioners someday such as the contractual staff and consultants who are already working on a Prince2 environment. There are a few project management processes around and since Prince2 is one of the widely used, other project managers are considering a switch to Prince2.

Prince2 Foundation is indeed the right choice for a program management certification. More and more organizations are realizing the advantages of Prince2 and they are all making changes to their current processes. Passing the Prince2 Foundation exam will not only give you the experience that you need, but a brighter future as well.

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