Prince2 certification levels (Foundation and Practitioner) are among the most prestigious certifications that IT professionals would like to take nowadays. This also applies to non-IT personnel as well, for as long as candidates aspire to hasten their skills and test their knowledge about project management.

Just like any other certification, candidates have the option to take training courses to master the ins and outs of Prince2. There are three options to choose from: (a) Prince2 Courses – classroom training; (b) Prince2 CBT or Computer-based Training; and (c) Prince2 Blended Learning. For those who would like to engage into comprehensive discussions and get answers from an instructor or trainer to frequently asked questions, then a candidate can opt to attend classroom training courses. The duration of classroom trainings depends on how competent the enrollees are. Candidates with more working knowledge about Prince2 may mean lesser number of hours or days on training. However, this is also time consuming and will take more of your valuable money.

Prince2 e-learning or computer-based training, on the other hand, offers a lot of benefits. Taking online courses has proven to be more effective. It is more convenient on the part of the enrollee since it requires less time, less effort, and reduced cost. Most of the online CBT courses nowadays are interactive as if you are speaking with a real classroom instructor.

Providing the most successful approach to Prince2 training is the blended training, wherein traditional classroom courses are integrated with CBT. In here, students expect to receive support from a trainer usually via phone or email, and at the same time, online courses are also made available for them to access. This is typically the best option for overseas training.

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