Pat me on the back, shake my hand, and call me Practitioner!

I spoke a few weeks ago about me sitting through the Prince2 Practitioner Program…. Well I got my results and I passed!… yeah yeah I know – big deal….BUT REALLY IT IS!


Why? – because, apart from it being a worldwide accreditation, it also allows me to market myself and an authorized Prince2 Practitioner.  And so… he thinks….

And so… this means that I am now more marketable as a project manager, and can use this to leverage myself into those organizations that utilize the Prince2 framework.


More and more large organizations are adopting the Prince2 Framework, as the benefits are clearly visible to the business.


But this blog wasn’t meant to be a song and dance about the joys of Prince2 – it was meant to be a song and dance about me passing! – and between you and me – I would have to say one of the most rewarding certifications!


So – hip hip horray!  And for all those other “P2” Practitioners – I take my hat off to you!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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