PRINCE2’s Starring Role in Project Management

A project, especially one at a grand scale, calls for an influx of resources which, if not properly managed, could lead to the failure of the said project. Since a project is usually limited by a certain time period during which it should be successfully orchestrated, it’s even more important that it has an effective plan governing it. In order to ensure the project’s success, good project management should be implemented.

Project management is the science of handling the resources of a project in an effective manner in order to have a beneficial output. Resources are diverse in nature because they involve anywhere from tools and people to ideas and technology. Because of this, project management is best implemented with a time-tested method, and PRINCE2 is exactly the one to do the job.

PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments 2. It is a method suitable for any field’s project management needs. It has a well-defined structure in the sense that all steps are laid out to form a solid framework. All aspects of a project are covered, with each one assigned as an important step in the process.

The approach employed by PRINCE2 makes project management organized and systematic. When properly followed, there will be little room for error. All details in this method are accounted for and all participants are answerable to at least one part. This eventually leads to a sense of ownership to the people involved, making them more responsible and proactive when it comes to problem solving.

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