Provide operational governance for technology and business leadership to help ensure a continued alignment between the information security and Privacy Program, business architecture, technology architecture and the associated product, project, and program portfolios.

More Uses of the Privacy Program Toolkit:

  • Communicate with external stakeholders to support your organizations compliance and Privacy Programs.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the Privacy Program and compliance to the Legal Department, Executive leadership Team and the Board of Directors.
  • Develop Privacy Program metrics and monitoring programs to enable clients to track and measure business goals and maintain regulatory reporting compliance.
  • Be accountable for engaging with a highly dynamic team to ensure ethics, compliance, Privacy Programs operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Head: formally communicate and engage with business and IT stakeholders with regards to new policies, procedures, or relevant changes to the Privacy Program.
  • Lead reporting directly to the Board of Directors on your Privacy Program, and engage with regulatory authorities and other external stakeholders.
  • Pilot: work closely with compliance, legal, and information security to improve Privacy Program operations.
  • Supervise: track key performance indicators and other metrics to evaluate the effectiveness, growth, and value of the data protection and Privacy Program over time.
  • Provide focused and pragmatic legal advice on Privacy Program controls testing and management of privacy compliance.
  • Create and update desktop procedures specific to workflows and processes relevant to the Privacy Program.
  • Lead the day to day operations of the Privacy Program to meet Plan, department, and unit objectives.
  • Develop harmonized policy and procedures to increase efficiency, reduce duplicate efforts, and systematically mature Information Security and Data Privacy Programs.
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive Privacy Programs to address consumer protection and commercial confidentiality requirements.
  • Utilize standardized management systems and framework for Information Security and Data Privacy Programs.
  • Develop and execute plans for Information Security and Data Privacy Programs to support overall business strategy.
  • Supervise: in tandem with security, legal, and compliance teams, the Privacy Program management solves complex privacy problems and minimizes your organizations risk to privacy related requirements.
  • Confirm your organization coordinates with the Compliance and Legal teams to ensure that the requirements of the Privacy Program are implemented through your organizations vendor management program and ensures that your organizations contracts have appropriate data security and privacy terms.
  • Maintain Privacy Program notices and policies in response to regulatory or organizational changes.
  • Manage work with organization leaders to establish governance for the Privacy Program and ensure procedures remain current.
  • Support the continuous improvement to your external services and internal compliance and Privacy Programs.
  • Ensure you overhaul; lead with expertise in the growth and execution of a security and Privacy Program in a large cloud based SaaS environment.
  • Execute on and improve the existing security governance structure and information security / Privacy Program.
  • Be accountable for working in coordination with Lighthouse Legal, coordinate enterprise Privacy Program with jurisdictional Data Privacy Officers to ensure compliance, socialization, and alignment.
  • Arrange that your organization supports your organizations Privacy Program by developing and maintaining the auditing/monitoring process and managing compliance reporting requirements.
  • Have you created and/or maintained a Data Privacy Program in a corporate environment (CCPA, GDPR, other).


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