Everyone knows that one of the best ways to make money from a website is through advertising. This is why the layout of a website and blog essentially matters for this also determines the amount of money that can be possibly generated. Because of this, many of the themes that present ads are offered with a corresponding price. Good thing, there is a Pro Media Blog that aims to help new bloggers by providing them with five WordPress ad themes for free.

The five WordPress ad themes provided by the Pro Media Blog are the following:

Blogging Pro- A Blogging Pro Ad; AdLines Professional Ad; BlogginZone- A Pro-Blogger Magazine WordPress; AdVault WordPress Pro Ad; and WpDesigner7 WordPress.

All of these five WordPress ad themes possess their own individuality. However, they are still alike in some ways such as the advantages they offer like the following:

•    The layout is intended to optimize ads: the layouts of these five themes place the ads in the proper positions where they can be easily seen—avoiding banner blindness and ad blindness.
•    The ad themes are offered for free: some of these themes are released on GPL so they can be modified. However, there are still some themes that cannot be modified. And since they are free, these themes definitely require the user to maintain the designer credit whole.
•    The layouts present different ad sizes: through this, the user is given the chance to select different layouts to make the most of ad returns from blog.
•    The entire layouts are simple and are focused on content as well as ads: this means that these themes are more appropriate to text-based blogs and not to photo blogs.

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