A company that relies heavily on an ERP system for its daily operations should have a good manger that can oversee its implementation. But even a company with a good manager can face a lot of problems. He may not necessarily succeed by 100%, but by communicating well with the employees and sticking to set of rules, ERP implementation can have a high success rate.

But what the common problems that an ERP project manager can face? One is budget. A company should never go beyond its budget, although it should not compromise budget constraints with quality of the ERP system. Another is the ERP and user compatibility. Some employees may resist the use of a new ERP system without proper training. It is therefore important to equip its users with the proper knowledge for implementation. Another is risk management; will the responsibility be shouldered by the manager alone or should this be shared by everyone? The manager, also he has the final say on the implementation and approval of changes, should also work well with the employees and consultants for the success of ERP implementation.

Another problem that a manager may encounter is the bypassing of implementation by consultants. Some consultants may overlook the fact that they are there to guide, not to implement the ERP system. On the other hand, some managers may rely too heavily on their consultant.

As a conclusion, an ERP system can be successfully implemented if the manager and employees will cooperate with each other.


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