Estimate time and cost standards for various projects and evaluate staffs performance to meet standards; ensure the creation or maintenance of computer Procedure Manuals and control records to maximize utilization of computer and accuracy of data.

More Uses of the Procedure Manuals Toolkit:

  • Assure your design develops Procedure Manuals for end users.
  • Orchestrate: review department policy and Procedure Manuals for accuracy.
  • Be accountable for maintaining, and updating environmental policy and Procedure Manuals.
  • Maintain up to date documentation of system design, operation and Procedure Manuals.
  • Prepare process maps, Procedure Manuals and conduct training with outsourcing partner.
  • Be certain that your enterprise recommends/implements improvements for preventive maintenance programs on an on going basis and develop/maintain effective building specific maintenance and safety Procedure Manuals.
  • Secure that your project creates and updates compliance and operating systems Procedure Manuals.
  • Develop and review procedures for Systems Administration operating/Procedure Manuals.
  • Be certain that your planning develops and maintains policy and Procedure Manuals for the internal audit function.


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