Look at the risks related to your product, processes and resources in determining the nature and extent of documented controls you need to have, reduce v&v costs by ensuring clarity, accuracy, and transparency along all your design, development, and documentation processes.

This means you need to list each strategic initiative and map out what is required to meet the necessary functions, systems, processes, inter-relationships, people and leadership to get from here to there in best practices.

Some areas of the business are more at risk of loss or fraud and require more stringent controls, ensure that the customer data you process is accurate and up to date, additionally, to begin with business organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage operations, interact with customers and suppliers, and compete in the marketplace.

Quality assurance processes are continually monitored to determine whether the policies, procedures and operational practice which form the foundation of the quality framework are effectively implemented and maintained.

A help desk is central to your offering (ask your clients) and as a result you need to be sure that your compliance processes are accurate, consistent and better controlled, using an automated solution for sales and use tax compliance helps manufacturers and distributors stay up-to-date with the latest changes in sales and use tax information.

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