Many process improvements will probably be initiated at the ground floor, the front lines of the IT organization.  Most proposals for improvements are based on intuitive knowledge that the process can be better.  So measurements are put into place to identify the problem.  Analysis of the situation is performed to figure out the extent and impact of the problem before a formal proposal is created.  The personnel working the processes probably understand the nature of the problem before any discrete data is obtained to describe the problem.

Significant process improvements over a long period of time require sponsorship from management.  The larger the improvement, the more departments that are involved means higher management support is necessary.  The support cannot be partial either: it must be full commitment to the initiative.  Without this, the effort fails before it starts.

At the same time, management has a handle on the strategic direction of the company.  They may not have an idea how to move in that direction.  In collaborating between ground floor proposals and top floor strategic views, the right improvements will present themselves with ease.  As a technician in the IT environment, identify the business strategies that can be positively impacted by the improvements needed in the environment.  As a manager, keeping in communication  with what the technicians need.

Successful process improvement required leadership:  leadership is required at all levels of the organziation.

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