Project management involves processes.  A process is defined as
a performance of series of actions to bring about a result. 
Project management processes are of two categories:

1.  Project management process.    This is the process performed
    by people to describe, organize, and complete the work project.
2.  Product oriented process.  This is the process performed by
    people to specify and create project’s product.  It is
    normally defined by a project life cycle.

Both categories are organized into five groups of one or
more processes and these are:

1.  Initiating processes- it is the process to get
   started.  It is in this stage where people in project will
   need to reach an agreement as to who will deliver the project,
   who will use the project and the stakeholders.

2.  Planning processes.  It is the process of defining and
    refining the objectives of the project.  Selecting the best
    alternative course of actions to achieve the objectives of
    the project,
3.  Executing process.  It is the process of coordinating people
    and resources to implement the plan.
4.  Controlling process.  It is the process of seeing to it
    that project objectives are realized through the monitoring
    and measuring the project’s progress.  This will enable the
    project management to identify variances on regular basis so
    that corrective actions can be taken as needed.
5.  Closing out processes.  It is in this process that the
    project is formally accepted, thus bring an orderly end.

Project management processes are a step by step actions
observed.  When you go through this process, it is certain that
your project management will run smoothly and have your product
objectives realized in the end.

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