There are multiple step-by-step processes which an organization can undergo in order for it to see if its system and facilities are by par with the International Standards set by the International Organization for Standardization 9001. The standards set for governments, businesses, and societies observe quality standards from management, to the organizations system, to subcontracts, to over-all data and records.

The ISO 9001 processes would cover a wide range of the different aspects of an organization based on the scope of the set international standards. Assessments of the organizations management from the organizations structure to the policies that support it are the first things that should be observed. And then the quality system of the organization should be observed next, including the manual that comes with along with the system. Contraction deals carried out with all subcontractors of the company should also be analyzed and every product received from their respective subcontractors should be monitored from their shipment and handling of the products to the company, to their storage, and through the companys production processes. Every product over all design should also be taken into consideration.

Assessment of the organizations testing and debugging phases with their products should also undergo assessment processes, from the methods used in testing and debugging to the tools used in this phase, to see if they comply with the set international standards.

Regular audit procedures should also be observed by the company, as well as assessed if the audit program itself complies with the minimum standards of the ISO 9001. A complete data on every phase in the production process and observations on management and contract workers should be kept and information must be properly organized. Any conformity that arises should be dealt as soon as possible with and prevented in future circumstances. Strict observation of the ISO 9001 processes ensures a company that they are complying with the international standards of the ISO. ISO 9001 quality management

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