Project Management (PM) as a partner of Management Information Systems (MIS) is considered as one of the best-known evolutions in the world of securing Information.

There is of course no doubt as to its validity of use, but still there are many vague elements between the two.
For many who are just starting to learn the basics in either of the two, the conception of the two working together as one is not an easy task to consider and understand, but with many lecture articles out this will become an increasingly easy task to learn.

There are of course books launched to make the “amateurs” easily understand the partnership between the two.
And these books are still available in the market today, while some are being reprinted.
To wit, these books will tackle the design of computer-based Information systems today, and explain how the differences in their designs affect their use.

In this, it is meant to combine the theories behind the systems with the practice by giving numerous advices on how PM and MIS can be better utilized through working together.
These books are definitely supplemental books that will definitely aid the readers and technicians as they go along the process of understanding PM and MIS’ concepts.

And with this better understanding comes the increase in knowledge of the technicians into designing and planning out Information Security projects that will surely test his team’s understanding of the two.
With these books at hand, knowing PM and MIS’ strengths and weaknesses will be very beneficial to the team leader as well as to his team.

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