Prince2 training courses are the first steps in becoming a registered Prince2 practitioner.  Project managers will be accredited by APM Group of UK if they pass the Prince2 certification exams.  However, not everybody who takes the certification exams could hurdle the difficult process.  In order to avoid a retake, which is very costly, project managers should first equip themselves on the intricacies of Prince2 methodologies.  Grasping the principles and applications of Prince2 can definitely help in passing the certification exams.

To prepare for the exams, one should undergo training in Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Level courses.  These courses introduce to the trainees the basic operations of Prince2 methods.  Concepts, principles, and best techniques are analyzed and presented to the trainees for their guidance.  Real scenarios and project management problems are discussed and solutions to these are provided.  The Foundation Level course focuses mainly on the basics of Prince2 while the Practitioner Level assumes that trainees have prior Prince2 knowledge.  Therefore, more advanced concepts and practices are tackled in the Practitioner course.  There are other seminars and courses on project management which can complement the Prince2 trainings.  Having enough trainings and advanced studies, Prince2 practitioners can definitely improve their performance in managing projects.  It could also prepare them for the very demanding Prince2 certification and accreditation exams.

Prince2 training courses can be booked online but the actual trainings are conducted in physical centers designated by training organizations.  Today, every major city in the world has training organizations that provide important Prince2 training courses.


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