In this world of certifications there’s always the hard part of passing the Examinations.
In this case, the PMP is a widely and accepted Certification Examination to undergo.
In fact, it is a part of a three stage levels of Certification.
For example, a person named Alex took the first stage, which is aptly named as Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is considered to be the first tier, and he passed it.
This would then enable him to try out the next stage of Certification Examinations, which is the PMP.
There is however the third and the last of the many and different stages, which is the Project Management Professional (PgMP), which is newly released and is deemed as the hardest.
Now Alex may, after passing the PMP, take the PgMP.
There are many benefits that Alex may enjoy in having PMP Certification.
One of these is being able to use the abbreviation of PMP right beside their names.
But having one is no mere feat.
Aside from the Certification Examinations, the Project Management Institute (PMI) also has a series of stringent requirements that must be passed by the applicant.
Without these requirements, even a passing of the Examinations by Alex would go for naught.
In the end, it must be remembered that all of these is necessary as this Certification is mainly a tiered process of ascension from Project Team Members to Program Managers.
This is more likely to improve the quality of the takers or applicants than having a one-time Examination.
In the PMP, for Alex to become successful in his career, he direly needs to work harder, and of course, achieve better than average or passing Certification Examinations test results.


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