Project Management Templates – Standard Templates for Project Documentation

Initiation, planning, execution and close are the four phases of the Project Management Life Cycle. Each phase require a lot of paper works, reports, graphs and tables to accomplish to properly document the project. If you would like to save time and effort in managing project documentations, then you need project management templates.

Project management templates can save you time in writing paper works necessary to initiate, plan, execute and close projects efficiently. These are usually created by project management experts, which are proven to make it easier for you to create project deliverables on time. A lot of web sites offer free downloadable project management templates for everyone to use. Some standard templates include the following:

(1) The Business Case
– This is the single most important piece of project document as it contains specific information needed in carrying out project work loads – from identifying the business justification to undertake such project, to assessing the ongoing feasibility of the project.

(2) Project Brief
– It contains the project objectives, direction and scope, forming a contract between the project management team and the project board.

(3) Quality Plan
– It shows the deliverables that will be reviewed to ensure that every activity is fit for the purpose of the project and what was intended to do is the one being produced.

(4) Progress Report
– This report documents the status of the whole project and providing consistent, accurate and regular flow of information within the team. 
(5) Change Request Log
– Any potential changes that were made in the project are all written in this log sheet, ensuring the assessment of its effect on project delivery.


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