PTCC 2.6.16
the future of case management
Current PTCC Projects
VPN conversion
PTCC v2.7 & 3.0
PTCC Training
New staff
VPN Conversion
VPN Conversion
VPN Conversion
Benefits of VPN
Reduced cost
Increased speed & reliability
24X7 up time
Allows for enhancement possibilities
Implementation Plan
Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Open Active Placements Window

Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Schedule Detail

Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Contact Violations

Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Custom Sort

Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Case Notes
Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Appointment Calendar Report
Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Staff Training Hours Log
Overview of PTCC v2.6.16
Monthly Service Placements
Role of Super-User
PTCC Application
Maintain support tables
Staff maintenance
Setting up new users and managing access accounts
Update and maintain staff training hours
Training new staff
PTCC Support & Ticket Process
PTCC Support & Ticket Process
PTCC Support & Ticket Process
PTCC Support & Ticket Process
Roles and Responsibilities
PTCC Help Desk will be responsible for:
supporting the PTCC software application
logging all incidents, assigning a tracking number, and notifying the end-user of the incident number
initial troubleshooting of incoming incidents (if possible)
identifying and transferring any incidents to the appropriate group
ensuring that a satisfactory resolution has been met
owning all incidents within the scope of support
Roles and Responsibilities
Super-user will:
Provide first level support for local users
Attempt to isolate problems and identify those that are eligible for support
Work with their local IT organization to resolve technical issues
Serve as the point of contact for site issues with the PTCC Help Desk
Train new staff to use PTCC
Ensure backup procedures are successful
Roles and Responsibilities
Local IT Support Staff
The support received by local IT will vary in scope of support responsibility based upon each program’ s needs and service level agreements. Anything outside the scope of support provided by the PTCC Help Desk should be provided locally
Desktop and network support should be provided by local IT support staff
PTCC Help Desk Contact Info
Send errors and suggestions to PTCC Help Desk via e-mail: [email protected]

Call the PTCC Help Desk at 866-311-1452

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