There may be many ECM companies offering different ECM services. But these services can only be categorized depending on the various ECM components which are capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver. These five components can also represent the different services that the many ECM solutions and companies are offering.

The capture ECM service includes different functionalities on generating, preparing, capturing, and processing of various electronic and analog data. This service may also use many other technologies and may undergo certain levels. But the same purpose of capture service is to input the different information gathered from the client.

Meanwhile, the manage ECM service is done for information utilization, processing, and management. This service usually involves the use of databases and access authorization systems. The databases here are included to provide for the retrieval and administration needs. Manage ECM service is also composed of sub-services, which are the document management, web content management, collaboration, workflow or business process, and records management.

The store ECM service, on the other hand, is used to temporarily store the collected data that are not really required or needed in the archive. This is different from preserving since storing is only temporary while the former is used for long-term storage. Aside from long-term storage, preserve ECM service is also used for safer storage and backing up of the unchanging data in the organization.

Lastly, the deliver ECM service is used to present the various data from the preserve, store, and manage services. This service also includes the function to enter data in the system to make them always readily available for retrieval.

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