Lead capture page or commonly known as landing page is a webpage that may appear whenever a potential client or customer clicks on specific link on search engine result or advertisement. A certain company may have different landing pages, especially if it is offering different products or services. However, with these many landing pages, the company should and usually have their default landing page.

Default landing page is simply the page chosen by the company to be accessed by potential customers when generally referring to all their products and services. Usually, a default landing page has the information about the company and all its offered services and products. These pages may also have links to certain products and services. Other inclusions in a default landing page are the contact information of the company, the general testimonials about the company, and the list of best products and services. Usually, the default landing page of the company is also its homepage. But why does the company need a default landing page?

A certain website is composed of not just a single webpage but a lot of webpages. All these will lead the prospect customer or client to a unique webpage content. This may have a unique product, unique service, and unique information. And so, the company needs a certain page that will summarize all the website’s contents. This page should also be able to link the prospect customer to related services or products offered by the company. That is the main purpose of the default landing page—to define, in its general sense, what a company can offer the prospect customers.

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