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Call center profession is known to be a fast paced job. For one reason, organizations and companies have seen the value and convenience of customer service. This enables them to communicate with their customers and as well as improve their existing product and promotions. With the growing number of job openings for Customer Service Representatives (CSR), call centers are now in great need of experienced professionals.

Customer Service Representatives or CSR plays an important role to effectively complete and perform the tasks of answering general inquires, invoice verification, customer complaints and order response. CSRs major responsibility includes answering phone calls and responds to whatever the client requests. Sometimes the CSR are tasked to sell a particular product and enter the client order in the system.

CSR provides the clients with the service and product infos. With all these information, CSR will utilize it to up-sell and promote the merchandise. Call centers are looking for people who can research, identify and resolve complaints, and other issues that concern the customers by using the assistance of computer system. CSR must also have the skill to research billing issues, complete reports/ call logs and study the misapplied payment by the customer. Aside from that, CSR should be also active in recommending the process improvements to develop and enhance the procedures.

Getting a CSR job requires basic knowledge in handling computer system, writing, reading, and arithmetic. You dont really need to have a Bachelors Degree to be able to work in a call center. Usually, they encourage high school graduates, working students and college undergraduates to grab this opportunity.  Remember to be a successful CSR you have to be well spoken, articulate and patient in handling customer queries at all times.


Customers have high expectations and more knowledgeable as time goes by.  They would surely want to get better benefits or worth for the money that they buy. They are becoming demanding to the extent of requiring immediate attention to their inquiries and they want service to be done as soon as possible. They simply can’t wait.  Make them unsatisfied and you will be surprised the next morning that you lost hundreds of them. You need to address their concerns right away, and the only medium to help you carry all these tasks is through the service of a call center.

Call centers are company’s life savior in terms of dealing customers who demand fast and efficient service.  They are the ones who handle customer complaints and finds solutions to their queries and issues concerns.  In this regard, staff hired in call center to represent its client’s product or service should be trained to handling client’s customer callers.  Call center customer service representative should have good communication skills.  The voice quality should be clear and pleasant.  Must be articulate in speaking.   The call center customer representative should possess the telephone personality of friendliness and the behavior of being patient in understanding and listening to callers needs.

Call center customer service representative are front liners and speak for the client products or service.  Customers react on how you care about them and remember how representatives treated them.  If treated well, they tend to equate these intangibles to good customer service relations thus resulting to loyalty and continuous patronage to the product or service.


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