Qualities of Good Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP (or enterprise resource planning) is an offshoot of MRP (manufacturing resource planning). Therefore, even though ERP applications are available for virtually any industry, a lot of them are focused on manufacturing, as evidenced by the abundance of manufacturing ERP software found in the market.

Manufacturing is a complex industry with a lot of business needs. Therefore, good and reliable manufacturing ERP software must possess the following qualities:

1.) Lower costs  Good ERP software shouldn’t be just a purchase; it should be an investment. It must successfully make the system run in a cost-effective manner. The savings a corporation makes in the long run should surpass the money let out when the software was bought.

2.) Increase productivity  Good ERP software must not helps a corporation maximize its resources to get more results. By automating majority of the processes, the saved time can be spent on more meaningful and important tasks.

3.) Shorten lead times  In manufacturing, lead time means the total time needed to manufacture a product or item. If lead times are shorter, more products or items are made, and this leads to higher potential sales for the manufacturer.  Good ERP software can help speed up lead times to gain the needed level productivity.

4.) Achieve customer satisfaction  The customer is king for all businesses, especially to those that involve sales. A big part of manufacturing is sales, so good ERP software must have features that cater not just to the businesss needs, but also to the customers demands.

Take note of these and you would know how to choose the best manufacturing ERP software for your company.


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