Provide timely communication about issues/impending changes to supervisor, peers and users to promote a coordinated effort Perform end to end analysis, design, development, Quality Assurance and implementation tasks necessary to deliver custom ASP.

More Uses of the Quality Assurance Toolkit:

  • Establish: monitor health of a project, ensuring resources are appropriately allocated, performing adequately and designing the product as intended.
  • Pilot: quality demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness; looks for ways to improve and promote quality; applies feedback to improve performance; monitors own work to ensure quality.
  • Confirm your organization participates with and contributes to projects related to deposit, digital channels, and payments that are supported by Call Center/Customer Care teams.
  • Manage to support specific Quality Engineering Functions which are essential at Product Development, Product Manufacturing and Product Quality Assurance.
  • Establish: organizational support follows policies and procedures; completes administrative tasks correctly and on time; supports organizations goals and values.
  • Warrant that your organization assess and evaluate current process, technologies, tools, organizations, people and metrics large Quality Assurance organizations.
  • Maintain data standards and structure by producing validation and Quality Assurance reports to ensure data quality and consistency.
  • Provide a test plan for use by other engineering staff, Quality Assurance and support departments in validating a new implementation.
  • Confirm your organization performs investigations to determine root cause and resolve complaints by providing corrective action/ preventive action plans to ensure no repetitive complaints are received.
  • Coordinate small to medium sized projects with end to end analysis, design, development, Quality Assurance and implementation tasks necessary to deliver custom ASP.
  • Direct: other requirements involve the delivery of prompt, accurate, and cost effective service for clients, and to meet or exceed organization and client expectations for service.
  • Ensure project workflows and Quality Assurance/quality control procedures are designed and executed to consistently meet the project requirements and specifications resulting in first time client acceptance of deliverables.
  • Establish and enforce Quality Assurance standards and provide technical and regulatory services in growing inputs, production, and packaging.
  • Coordinate data collection and maintain a database that demonstrates integration with departments, community leaders/organizers, departmental managers and organizations.
  • Support and coordinate Quality Operations functions for batch record issuance, personnel and material flow, and batch release.
  • Systematize: utilization of business, functional and/or technical expertise is needed to effectively develop and execute the test strategy and planning activities.
  • Formulate: review customer service queue to ensure team members are taking calls and transferring calls to other departments when necessary.
  • Lead: role accountable for establishing standards and best practices for vendor supplied Quality Assurance, quality engineer and developer resources who take direction from application delivery peers.
  • Confirm your organization ensures product safety, regulatory compliance, and compliance with organization standards as stated in the Quality Assurance Manual, Laboratory Manual, and organization directives.
  • Manage work with database administrators, Quality Assurance team, system engineers, network engineers and other staff to ensure data consistency, security and privacy.
  • Collaborate with software Quality Assurance and development teams in an Agile environment using business requirements, and design artifacts, acting as the voice of the customer.
  • Assure your organization creates vision and strategy and leads work unit to achieve optimum Quality Assurance systems and processes for products produced internally and/or procured from suppliers.
  • Secure that your organization introduces and/or implements innovative approaches to resolve unusual/difficult issues significantly impacting important policies or programs.


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