The ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualifications Board is the central body responsible for issuing a certification to software testing and quality assurance professionals.  It is based in Belgium but there are trainings and testing centers worldwide that can accommodate IT professionals who wish to become ISTQB certified testers. 

Prospective software quality assurance professionals should undergo a refresher course and formal training in one of ISTQB recognized training center.  The examinations will also be provided in that particular center.  Examinees must pass the qualifying knowledge based exam in order to secure a professional certification from the international body. 

It is the sole responsibility of ISTQB to standardize the certification and examination processes.  They provide a standard syllabus that should be the basis of all trainings and exams pertaining to software testing.  Some materials may incorporate local flavors but it should have the certified logo of the ISTQB. 

Examinees can take advantage of published materials such as books, manuals, and sample examinations in order to prepare adequately for the actual exams.  Questions from ISTQB exams are normally included in these published materials.  Although there are no reassurances that the sample questions will be asked in actual exams, it is still best to take hold of these sample exam questions for familiarization purposes. 

Training centers will also provide kits and manuals for their clients.  They also normally provide trainees with sample questions of previous ISTQB examinations.  Examines will have greater chances of passing the ISTQB certification if they can study the sample questions provided by ISTQB recognized training centers.

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